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Open Gyms

Time to play! Come and play, practice or hang out with friends. These are hours where the gym is open just for you, and just for fun. Times are listed below for Preschool Play (ages walking to 6 years) and for Indoor Training Park (7-18 years).

We need a parent or legal guardians signature for children under 18 years of age.

Field trip release form-Large group
Release Form- Individual Child or Small Group

1205 Oak Patch Road, Eugene, OR. 97402 541-344-2002

Lil’ Mates Preschool Play

$3 currently enrolled
$4  general public for 1 Hr Open Gyms
$4 enrolled/$5 public for 1.15+ Hr Open Gyms

Ages 6 and under only. Parent
Supervision required. Adults are not allowed on the trampolines except to assist their child.

-Tuesday 11:00-12:15   $5/4
-Thursday 11:00– 12:15  $5/4
-Thursday 1:30-2:30  $4/3
-Friday 5:30-7:00  $5/4
-Saturday 11:00–12:00

Indoor Training Parks

Ages 7-18 years old $5 currently enrolled students $7 general public

7:30 to 9:30 pm  $7/5
Saturdays Noon to 2 pm  $7/5
Saturdays 8:00-10:30 PM $10:00

Adults:  Tu/Th 7:30-9
$10 drop in or $8 with punch card


6:00-10:30 pm Ages 4-14 years old
$20 general public $15 currently enrolled students and siblings

Pizza, Games, Crafts= Loads of Organized Fun!

We will not hold Friday night or Saturday afternoon Indoor Parks:
September 20, 21st (8:00 PM Open gym running the 20th)
October 12th & 13th (8:00 PM Open gym running the 13th)
December 13th and 14th (8:00 PM Open gym running the 14th)
January 18th and 19th (8:00 PM Open gym running the 19th)We are holding home competitions on these days, your welcome to come and watch our teams.  Saturday night Indoor Parks from 8:00-10:30 will still be held.

No-School Day Open Gyms Too!

Call 344.2002 tentatively set for the following:

1:00-3:00 for $5.00

Nov 30th 
Dec 24th (M)
Dec. 26th (Th)
Jan 2nd (Th)
Jan 20th (M)
Feb 7th (F)
Feb 17th (M)
March 14th (F)
Mar 28th (F)
April 18th (F)
May 9th (F)
May 23, 26 (F,M)
June 6th (F)

Remember signed parent/legal guardian release forms are necessary to participate. You can print them and bring them in if you are bring friends.

Check Out Our Camps!!!

No School Day Camps
9:00-5:00    ($35.00)
9:00-1:00 or 1:00-5:00  ($20.00)
With Extended Care Options Too!

  • Kooky Spooky Halloween Camp– October  11th
  • Topsy Turvy Thanksgiving Camp-Nov. 24-31st
  • Winter Wonderland Camp– Dec. 23rd– Jan 6th
  • “I Have a Dream..” Camp– Jan. 20th
  • Valentines Camp Feb 7th
  • Proud President’s Day Camp– Feb. 17th
  • Rainy Day Parades  - March 13-14th
  • Spring into Spring Break Camp– Mar. 24th-31st
  • Wacky Earth Day Camp– April 17-18th
  • Marvelous May Camp– May 23rd, 26th
  • Summer Camp June 17th-September 2014


Half Day:  $20
Full Day:  $35
Half Day for Week: $85
Full Day for Week:  $150
Morning extended care:  $5
Afternoon extended care:  $3