We offer a great way for children to receive the many benefits of gymnastics without the hassle of after work class times.

The Academy will pick-up a group or groups of children from their preschool, school or daycare and take them to the gym for a fun and exercise filled 50 minute class.

All classes are designed to be high energy, fun, and self-confidence building. We use only the safest and latest equipment, specifically designed for children

Classes can start with as few as 8 students and times are flexible. Tuition is $35.00 per month per student and can be billed to each individual child or the group as a whole. No membership fee is required and classes run on a month to month schedule. We offer one free introductory class to all new schools. We will work with your preschools schedule to find the best time for your weekly class.

Please give us a call and we can arrange a class time for your preschool or homeschool group of children.

We look forward to tumbling with you!