Providing a fun and safe environment where preschoolers form positive learning behaviors and increase their physical motor skills.

For preschoolers walking to age 6.

We have fun movement programs, that teach the fundamentals. Our weekly themed lessons teach motor skills that help the children increase their body awareness, spatial awareness, strength, flexibility and balance leading to an overall highthened sense of physical fitness and added coordination that will last them a lifetime!

The children learn basic gymnastics skills as well as climbing, rolling, swinging, jumping and balancing all while improving their listening skills and ability to follow directions within a group.

We also have intermediate and advanced preschool classes available for when a child is ready for more. Please call us at 541-344-2002, if you have any questions about our preschool programs. A free trial class is available to new families.

Below is our Fall  Schedule:

Starting September 1

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Boys and Girls Ages walking until 3 years.

Start your little one out with our action-packed class that will promote new perspectives and confidence!  Teachers and parents will work together to introduce key concepts such as taking turns, sharing, listening and following directions. Our obstacle courses and fun activities will capture your child’s imagination while developing their motor skills, as well as their social and emotional growth!

Studies show that children learn cognitive skills more effectively in an environment that includes the body as well as the mind. Gymnastics and early childhood movement education is directly attributed to developing neurological pathways in students and promoting reading readiness. While the preschool gymnastics teacher runs about and plays with the little kids in her class, she is preparing her students for successful experiences in school; children who have participated in movement education activities have longer attention spans, increased communication skills, general problem solving skills and improved self-esteem. (Researchers at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School )

For a current list of our Wiggle Worm Classes:   CLICK HERE

GYMBUGS:  It’s all me! I’m 3!

Three year olds are on their own! Our program will introduce your child to physical activities that will engage their imagination while developing motor strength, coordination and the fundamentals of gymnastics! They are learning how to stay with a group, beginning to understand and follow directions, and are developing independence from their parents.

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive “lifestyle exercise programs” available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline while having tons of fun.

For a current list of our Gymbug Classes:   CLICK HERE


I’m 4! Ready for more!  Coming alive at 5!

At four years old our classes start to focus on continuous growth in movement and the fundamentals of gymnastics. There are more opportunities to develop your child’s coordination, strength, spatial awareness, and body control. Four year olds are beginning to listen to and understand multi-step instructions, follow directions independently, and are eager to learn more progressions and skills!

At five years old, your child will be forming their comprehension skills, which will allow for more opportunities to learn. Your five year old is ready for a fast-paced class!  Some of the gymnastics skills the children will be mastering are handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, bridges, and pullovers. Our goal is to create a learning environment that invokes wonder and excitement to try new things!

For a current list of our Gyminicricket Classes:   CLICK HERE


Girls Intermediate Preschool (Invitation Only)

For a current list of our Firefly Classes:  CLICK HERE


Boys Intermediate/ Advanced Preschool  (Invitation Only)

For a current list of our Dragonfly Classes:  CLICK HERE


Girls Advanced Preschool  (Invitation Only)

For a current list of our Mighty Might Classes:   CLICK HERE


Please call 541-344-2002 for class prices. Classes run year round with a monthly billing schedule. New families can join anytime. Tuition is pro-rated for each family depending on when during the current cycle they join.